The first competition day of the Youth World Muaythai Championships 2019 started with more than 100 bouts over three rings. The crowd finally gathered for the competition and could enjoy Muaythai performed by the representatives of 75 countries.

The rising stars stepped in the ring to show their ambition to win gold in their first IFMA events and for the 16-17 age division it is one of the last appearances before transitioning to the Elite sport.
Marius Kovali (MDA) started his third try to win gold after his two silver appearances in 2018 and 2017. Both times Marius stopped one step before the raising to the top of the awarding podium and this time he is in the excellent shape after he won his first round of the competition.



It was a good start for Moises Aranago from Colombia who made a first attempt at the Youth Worlds last year. Today he proved that he learned a lot winning a silver medalist from Israel Guy Chagage (ISR). Guy was the second best athlete last year and today the young Colombian surprised the Israeli crowd stealing the victory from Guy.


The host of the European Championships 2019 Pavel Sadouski (BLR) gets a chance at the biggest international Muaythai event in 2019 after his successful appearance in the regional events. His debut took place at the same city as he won bronze at the Antalya Cup 2018, and at his home Stayki Open the home crowd and past experience helped him to become the winner in his division.

One of the must watch athletes of the tournament Gianny De Leu (BEL) entered the race for the medals and moved to the following round of the competition. Gianny is well remembered in Antalya after his impressive appearance at the Antalya Cup last year. He is one of the most perspective young athletes and IFMA is following him closely to see his transition into adults next year.

Tomorrow the next part of the competition will come into play and another round of event will be an exciting spectacle to watch.