Selina van de Hurk NED vs Borrimas Kaenchan THA after fight

A friendship began today between two young girls who fought each in the ring, and then spent the day hanging out  – bringing smiles to everyone’s face at the IFMA Youth muaythai World Championships.
It was an exciting day for spectators with gold medals battled for in some smaller weight divisions, and bronze medals won in others. The three rings were in action with one only finishing around 21.00 after a thrilling afternoon of sport.

Ramadan Ondash receives a blessing from his coach and older brother Ahmad.

Selina Van de Hurk from Holland took on Thailand’s Borrimas Kaenchan in the final of the 10 year old 32kg division. It was an exciting bout, a real final but the real story happened after the referee raised Borrimas’ hand.

The little girls smiled and hugged in the ring, posing for photographs with large beaming smiles together. Once changed and ready to enjoy their holiday, they spent the afternoon wandering around the stadium together. Selina bought a cute bracelet from the traditional crafts for her new friend, and Borrimas gave her a rose – all together now, aww.
Their families also moved their seats, so the parents could keep an eye on what the mischievous pair. They have a few more days now to cement their friendship.

A win for Russia in the 50kg for Ksenia Qumenaya  against Thailand’s Runralit Araisec

In other thrilling bouts in the female divisions Russia’s Marqarita Voitovich  faced Thailand’s Chonthicha Pachob at 46kg in the 12 year old category. Marqarita used long-knees, and rapid-fire punch combinations especially a looping right hand to take the win.
And in a similar match-up for the 12 year old division 50kg Thailand’s Araisec Runralit faced Russian athlete Ksenia Qumenaya in a tense stand-off. Ksenia won by a single point but that’s all it takes at this level with strong grappling skills and powerful body-punches taking her to the medal-position.
Many other smaller teams are still in the chance of claiming gold with Moldova, Estonia and Germany also advancing to the next level along with the giant teams of Turkey, Thailand and Australia. Team USA also had a good day at the office, as Rebekh Irwin claimed another win and the Polish girls had a successful afternoon.
The crowd stayed to the end again, many moving to Ring C when the other two rings finished first so the final two bouts there had a full house standing around and cheering for them.

Full results for July 8 available here.



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