Hyo Sun Kim (KOR) doing Wai Kru at the semifinal of the Muaythai competition.

Day 2 saw spectacular bouts by the participating athletes and the local crowd filled the stadium as the host country was advancing in the final of the competition.
(KOR) Kyoung Jae Cho made a little sensation winning (KAZ) Azamat Abishev. The young Korean started very strong gaining the upper hand in the first and second round, and it would not be Kazakhstan if Azamat did not come back strong. He won the third round but it was too late to fix the situation. The home crowd was giving Cho rounds of applause charging him for his semifinal against Australian Rhyse Saliba.
(KOR) Hyo Sun Kim became another hero in 51 kg of the day as she made local audience celebrate the victory of Korea. Sun Kim will now represent her country in the final and will need support of the crowd tomorrow for her bout for the gold medal against (MAR) Belouarrat Oumaima.

It was a day of Israel against Thailand today as (ISR) Nili Block faced (THA) Kaewrudee Kamtakrapoom and (ISR) Itai Gayer took on (THA) Samit Jaibun.

Nili can now open a separate record of how many opponents from Thailand she won as she moved to the final in a bout against (THA) Kaewrudee Kamtakrapoom. The Thai started strong gaining the victory in the first round but Nili took control of the bout in her gloves for the rest of the bout ensuring confident win. Nili moves to the final against (CAN) Taylor McClatchie and it will be a bout to follow as Taylor is considered to be the one to be able to stop Nili’s winning streak of more than 20 bouts in a row.

Itai had less troubles in his bout finding breaches in the defence of his opponent. As a result bout was finished in the second round and Itay moves to the semifinal against Iran.

(USA) Ashley Thiner made an impressive effort winning (THA) Wansawang Srila Or in the quarter final and the (PHI) Jenelyn Olsim in the semifinal. Tomorrow Ashley will face the bronze medallist of the World Championships 2019, (CZE) Viktorie Bulinova and it will be a bout not to miss.
The final day tomorrow will conclude the 2019 Chungju World Martial Arts Masterships and will have the finest athletes demonstrating the art of Muaythai to the Korean audience.