The first competition day of the European Muaythai Championships put the European elite to the ring and nearly each bout had a medalist in the ring. 

Sofia Olofsson opened the European Championships for the Swedish team with a confident victory over the host Kseniya Novikova. Olofsson had a strong beginning for her team with her famous combinations and kicks. Her result was continued by Patricia Axling in the following fight for Sweden against another Belarus Volha Zhurauskaya. The third bout of the Swedish team was between Nicholas Bryant against the Celestin Mendes (FRA). It was one of the most exciting bouts where the Swede pulled the victory out of the Mendes gloves showing enormous power in the third round.

Jimmy Vienot was to rehabilitate the French performance in the following round for team France, and it was no other than Nayanesh Parikh (ESP) who was in the opposite corner to contest the semifinal spot. It was just a few months ago that both athletes met in the ring in Bangkok, and again Jimmy proved the legitimacy of his World and European champion’s titles swinging the judges’ decision in his favor as the gong announced the end of the bout.
This Friday Minsk will see the final of the 2018 European Championships as Vital Hurkou achieved a confident result over Elad Danji Suman (ISR). The Belarus audience is keeping their breath as Vital will compete against Jimmy in from of the home crowd and will have an extra motivation to have his hand raised.

One of the sensations of the night was the victory of the debutante of the IFMA events Patrick Lisiecki (FRA) against the IFMA gold medalist Buğra Tugay Erdoğan. Bugra secured the first round and it seemed that he will finish this bout in his favour, but Patrick had a different opinion and got the second and third round.
The first bout day is now finished and tomorrow viewers will have a full day of Muaythai bouts.