15 days of competition and friendship held across Jakarta and Palembang come to a close with an impressive fireworks display, an acrobatic dance performance involving hundreds of drummers, followed by a proud parade of nations.

The capacity crowd which had many high-profile personalities including IOC President Dr Thomas Bach, OCA President Sheikh Ahmad Al Sabah, among others. Indonesia’s President Widodo started a series of speeches via Video Link from the Island of Lombok, which was hit by a 6.9 earthquake. He was accompanied by a crowd of survivors, and everyone stood in solidarity with Indonesia.

OCA President Sheikh Al Sabah made a heartful speech and declared the Games over and the flag was handed over to the representative of the Chinese Olympic Committee and Hang Zhou Mayor Xu Liyi. A beautiful Chinese dance was performed to seal the hand over. Asia is looking forward the next edition of the Games in Hang Zhou.

The rest of the evening was filled with entertainment with many international entertainers. IOC President Dr Bach stated “Congratulations Indonesia, Congratulations Asia, a great Asian Games, a young continent united in its love of sport, showing all its unity in all its diversity.”

IFMA would like to congratulate the Olympic Council of Asia and the Indonesian Olympic Committee and its Chairman Erik Thohir for an outstanding event that brought together and united all the Asian nations in great cultural and sporting exchange.