Armen Petrosyan is one of the most outstanding athletes in Russia who won his first gold medal at his first World Championships, and for Russia Armen became a leading team member bringing award for his country.

The first serious test for Armen in his career was the final bout at the Russian Muaythai Championships against multiple IFMA champion Artem Levin. Armen surprised everyone including Artem giving a very good match losing on points but still securing his place in the team for the Royal World Cup 2015. This year was a time for Armen to shine and make his name famous among the world muaythai elite.
Armen nearly repeated his success at the following World Championships 2016 in Jonkoping, Sweden winning silver medal in the final against Belarus Anatoliy Vanakov. It was a very close bout which was one of the best muaythai clashes of the event.

Armen is a true pride for his native town of Krasnoyarsk, and the gold medal from Bangkok travelled all around Russia to pay tribute to the gym he started his sporting career.
2018 will be a year which Armen enters as a favourite in his weight division and this time he will be the one taking challenge from young athletes.

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