In less than 100 days the Arafura Games will take the centre stage in the sports calendar in Australia. The games called to leverage the cultural, economic and social benefits of an international sporting event. 

Muaythai is one of the 17 sports in the official programme and first three spots of the World Games 2021 in Birmingham, AL, USA will be contested in Darwin. Athletes in 57 kg, 63,5 kg and 91 kg male, and 57 kg, 63,5 kg female divisions will be the first heroes of the Games and will wait for the opponents who will qualify for the World Games at the upcoming IFMA events.

A special qualifier for the Oceanian countries will be organised to let the hosting continent qualify in 67 kg, 75 kg for men, and 60 kg for women.
The race for the World Games 2021 spots officially starts in Darwin and every final of the IFMA world or continental event will be worth a hundred bouts as it will make one’s dream come true.