Yolanda Schmidt (AUS) getting Best Female Athlete Award from IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan

The Asian Championships had brought together some of Asia and Oceana’s best elite athletes. After an eventful 7 days, 17 categories received their gold medals. The award gala then decides at every event who the 2 outstanding male and female athletes are:In the female division from Australia, Best Female Boxer goes to: Yolanda Schmidt which had an outstanding week eliminating the favourite, Sirisopa Sirisak of Thailand in the semi-final and Albina Kulbizekova from Kazakhstan in the finals.

Dongwang Guo (CHN) getting Best Male Athlete Award from IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan

In the male division from China, Dongwang Guo won in the semi-final against Ruslan Zayakin of Kazakhstan and then fought the Asian champion, Sarawut Saengdao, from Thailand showcasing that China can win against the best in the world, winning a unanimous clear decision.

Congratulation to both winners.