It was a truly wonderful night at the Minsk Palace of Sport which for two hours turned to a palace of Belarus culture, stunning youth talents and celebration of sport. 

The opening ceremony of the European Muaythai Championships 2019 showcased the Belarus youth which was in the center of the programme with an amazing vocal performance. The air stunts took over the floor moving the show 50 meters high with aerial stunts making the crowd hold their breath.

The official part saw representatives of the participating countries walking with their flags highlighting their countries which will compete in Minsk for medals of the European Championships. Next to the floor were invited the local hero Vital Hurkou to give the oath on behalf of all athletes to compete in the spirit of IFMA 5 pillars: Respect, Honour, Fair Play, Tradition and Excellence. Representative of the second biggest country Russia Roman Nasonov made an oath on behalf of all coaches, and Amnart Lindhom (SWE) spoke on behalf the referees to promise to observe fair play at all times.

The sports elite gathered at the grand stand of the Palace of Sport to witness the ceremonies of one of the most popular sport in Belarus.

The Minister of the Internal Affairs of Belarus and the Chairman of the Belarus Muaythai Federation General Yuriy Karaev announced the European Muaythai Championships open and marked the beginning of the Europe’s biggest Muaythai event of 2019.