In order to promote Muaythai in a correct and official way, the President of the Uruguayan Federation of Traditional Muaythai (FUMTT), Mr. Marcos Pereira, seeks valuable partnerships to develop muaythai martial art through sport and culture.

Among the new implementations is the promotion of courses through IMAES/IGLA, training teachers and students, National Referee & Judge Seminar, promoting championships to develop and promote the athletes who are the heart of this beautiful Thai martial art.

Participants from all Uruguay states participated in the Copa Wai qualification rounds for the 2019 IFMA World Championships. Athletes that participated during all qualifications will proudly wear the Uruguay national uniform when they board their flight from Montevideo to Bangkok next June.

Ingrid Jost, Public Relations for Uruguay NF said that youth and female development is important for Uruguay Muaythai to build for the future and ensure that Uruguay will fight for medals soon.

The Uruguay Muaythai Federation gives utmost importance to the youth and female to ensure that sporting and educational activities are well balanced under the motto “equal rights promote peace”.

Marcos Pereira said that Muaythai has gained even greater popularity in Uruguay especially with women ensuring equality as much as in sport as in life.