Muaythai under IFMA is delighted to start the countdown to The World Games 2021 in the beautiful city of Birmingham, Alabama with the IWGA sports family. More than 30 sports with 3,600 athletes from over 100 countries are expected at this celebration of sport.

The city of Birmingham with Mayor Randall Woodfin recently welcomed the Competition Managers of all The World Games sports and the IWGA organisers, setting the tone for what is sure to be an exciting event.

Mayor Woodfin said: “We are excited about The World Games 2021 being held in Birmingham. This is a great opportunity for our city to showcase our great people and southern hospitality. Much work has gone into making these games the best ever, and the International World Games Association will have the full support of the Woodfin Administration and the City of Birmingham.”

IWGA CEO Joachim Gossow has been working closely with the Birmingham organising committee, and ensuring that the high standards of previous games will be met. The athletes from all sports will be at the centre of these Games as they always are.

Mr Gossow said the fans are also a central consideration. He said: ”  “Firstly, it’s about putting together a programme that’s as attractive as possible for the spectators on site. It makes sense to make sure that competitions at neighbouring venues do not take spectators away from each other. At the same time, we want to make it possible for the sports fans to experience as many competitions as possible on the shortest possible routes.”

Muaythai and other martial arts will take place in the historic Boutwell Auditorium in Birmingham Alabama. Visit  @ifmamuaythaioffical Instagram Stories to see inside this venue today!

IFMA Competition Manager Dmitry Putilin visits TWG2021 Muaythai venue
IFMA Competition Manager Dmitry Putilin visits TWG2021 Muaythai venue

The most recent games held in Wroclaw in 2017 were a huge success, and saw the first time for muaythai to join these events. That success has laid the foundations for another great event to come in 2021.

Use the social media hashtags #weareTheWorldGames  #TWGBHM2021 and of course #ifmamuaythai to follow the preparations online on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook over the next 1,000 days!

All the information on TWG 2021 is on the Birmingham website.

Learn more about the IWGA and the history of The World Games here.