A coordination meeting took place today between WMC-IFMA and the iGLA teams to update on the work flow and target timelines for the stages of development of the new standardised muaythai education system (iMAES) scheduled to be launched before the end of the year.

The iGLA Muaythai Animation Education System (iMAES) will soon officially replace the existing Khan Education system. The new system will provide standardised teaching materials such as 3D animation clips, print materials and a WMC/IFMA approved curriculum and syllabus which will allow member National Federations and gyms to ensure that the art of muaythai is taught methodically and correctly so that the integrity and uniformity of the sport is protected.

“I think that this will be a big step forward for muaythai, as it will set a universal standard which is approved by the official world and international sanctioning bodies of the sport. Through the new system, NFs and gyms will be able to sign up for membership as official iMAES gyms which will also give credibility and quality control for what is being instructed. It’s a wion-win situation for the students and for the gyms as it’s good for business” explained the IFMA Sport Director, Charissa Tynan after the meeting.

IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox commented further that “Taekwondo for instance, a black belt is a black belt, where ever you are in the world. And this universality is what has made the sport so globally popular. iMAES will do this for muaythai.”