The Planet Battle Super Heavyweight Championships, sanctioned by the World Muaythai Council opened with a big bang, a sold out stadium and electrifying atmosphere. The crowd really only should have paid half the ticket prices as they were on the edge of there seats for the entire night. The winners of the first round fights advanced to the second round and in the end the best of the best faced off.

Opening Fight

Ito Jun (Japan)(91 kg) vs Kiattisak Hemkhajit (Thailand)(95 kg)

Kiattisak who is Thailand’s hope to enter the big division was really on fire. Despite some well-placed low kicks by Jun, Kiattisak’s relentless forward drive and powerful punching combinations gradually took their toll on his opponent, felling him with a left hookthat ended the fight in the second round.

Kiattisak won by 2nd round TKO

Fight 1
Deniz Fidan (Turkey)(94 kg) vs Koji Iga (Japan)(90 kg)

Good technique was displayed by these two fighters, with plenty of high kick action from both fighters. A few of Iga’s punches connected with their target, but in the end it was Fidan that proved triumphant, stopping Iga in his tracks with a high kick aimed at his head.



Fidan won by 2nd round TKO

Fight 2
Thor Hoopman (Australia)(95 kg) vs Mutlu Karabulut (Holland)(95 kg)

Textbook kickboxing moves – evasions, blocks, punches, jabs and low- and high-kicks – were witnessed in this bout, one of the most technical and crowd-pleasing of the evening. Both fighters exchanged some fierce, strong punches and precise, damaging roundhouse kicks. Late in Round 2, Karabulut staggered and took a contested 8-count. Despite an impressive comeback, with some effective counter strikes, the Turk eventually lost on points to Hoopmann.

Hoopman won on points

Fight 3
WMC Female Challenge
Joey “Bam Bam” Lee (Hong Kong)(57 kg) vs Ferial Ameeroedien (South Africa)(57 kg)

In this fiercely anticipated re-match, Ameeroedien held herself superbly against Hong Kong favourite Lee. With some excellent combinations and excellent kicks, both women showed technical excellence in another of the more popular fights in the evening; however, well-timed flurries of hard punches throughout the bout ensured that “Bam Bam” took the win.


Joey Lee won on points


Fight 4

Dzevad Poturak (Bosnia)(102 kg) vs Eduardo Maiorino de Morais (Brazil)(106 kg)

The Bosnian showed his worthiness of his nickname the “BH Machine” as he inflicted blow upon blow to Brazilian Maiorino. Starting out aggressively, Poturak put his powerful South American counterpart on the defensive from the get-go, eventually flooring him with a right hook, ending the fight early.

Poturak won by 1st round TKO

Fight 5
Zeng Jianzhi (China)(104 kg) vs Masahiro Iwashita (Japan)(95 kg)

Iwashita blazed into the fight with a hailstorm of low and middle kicks, but this was no match against China champion Zeng Jianzhi, who proved his mettle in the ring by counteracting his opponent’s kicks once by catching his leg and felling him, but more by his precise right hooks that seemed to connect every time. This fight showed thaty China has improved so much especially in the higher divisions


Zeng won on points



Fight 6
WMC Prestige Match
Vuyisile Colossa (South Africa)(68 kg) vs Naruepol Fairtex (Thailand)(68 kg)

One of the top matches of the night, Colossa faced Contender Naruepol Fairtex. Both fighters were in fine form and showed their agility and precision, wowing the crowd with the incredible grace and beauty of the sport, as well as their technical skills. Towards the end of the bout the Thai started a series of knees that left “The Cheetah” bleeding from the left eyebrow, but still fighting a valiant fight. Colossa eventually lost to Naruepol on points.


Naruepol won on points

Fight 7
Brian Douwes (Holland)(100 kg) vs Baba Nobutake (Japan)(91 kg)

The flying Dutchman had his Japanese opponent on the mat or against the ropes for much of the match, despite the J-Network Champion’s noble attempts to counter the furious attack. While there were successful parries and evasions from both fighters, Douwes’ fierce onslaught of beautifully placed kicks wore down his opponent, and a final strong left job caused the conclusive KO in the second round.


Douwes won by 2nd round TKO

Fight 8
Andrew Peck (New Zealand)(112 kg) vs Bruno R. Schwartz (Brazil)(100 kg)

The “Powerhouse” Peck packed more than just a punch in this explosive match, “Destroyer” Schwartz managed to land a few blows in his opponent’s face, and showed off some beautiful and powerful high kicks that would have felled a lesser opponent. However, the New Zealander reigned triumphant with a left high-kick to Schwartz’ neck, bringing him to the mat and ending the fight in the second round.


Peck won by 2nd round KO

Fight 9
Michael McDonald (Canada)(98 kg) vs Alain N’Galani (Hong Kong/ Cameroon)(103 kg)

This bout saw the two heavyweights being overly cautious and almost even in the scoring department, with the titans trading blow for reluctant blow in each round. N’Galani and McDonald gave the crowd a glimpse of their power and technical skill and style, with a peek at the Panther’s flashy fighting style and McDonald’s K1 prowess, but these superstars of the heavyweight circuit left the crowd wanting more at the end of the bout.

N’Galani won on points

Fight 10
Chris Knowles (England)(110 kg) vs Hafiz Bahseliyev (Azerbaijan)(100 kg)

Some heavy blows were exchanged in the final bout of the evening between the Azerbaijani and the Englishman. Knowles seemed to favour using the clinch on his opponent, but landed enough punches to Bahseliyev’s head and body to secure a win, and a place in the next 8-man qualifying round.


Knowles won on points

The world can’t wait for round two of WMC Planet Battle! Watch the fights on the WMC Network in over 170 countries!!