The mascot for the 2008 Muaythai World Championship under IFMA, the world governing body for amateur Muaythai has been unveiled. It is of the TreX Games crane, a symbol of good health and long life, depicted in traditional Muaythai stance, wearing the traditional Muaythai mongkol (head dress) and prajiad (arm bands).

Muaythai is part of the official sports program in the in games organized by TreX Games Busan, Sponsored by TAFISA World Sports For All Association, and under patronage of the IOC.

Over 30 sports will participate in the games and athletes from 150 countries are expected.

Beside the sport activities, will be the 6th IOC World Forum on Sport, Education and Culture and the 10th ASFAA (Asiana Sport For All Association) Congress. There will also be the World Sport Industry Exhibition with over 500 booths and over 1 million expected visitors.

Muaythai is proud do be part of the world sports cultural festival and the 4th Busan TAFISA, TreX World Sport For All Games.