The events, meetings and discussions over the last 5 days have been very important towards establishing another milestone for IFMA.

IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox attended the SportAccord Combat games technical meeting in Beijing, which was conducted together with IFMA’s 12 partner combat sports IFs, the Organising Committee of the games, the President of SportAccord along with many other relevant personnel.

The meeting was highly successful and IFMA’s General Secretary was happy say that what was achieved there was frankly way beyond IFMA’s expectations.

The 1st SportAccord Combat games will most definitely be the biggest games in the history of all Martial Arts and Combat Sports, as it is the first time that both Olympic and non-Olympic recognised Martial Arts/Combat Sports have joined together for an event of this kind. The working relationship is fantastic and has brought all Martial Arts closer together.

The City of Beijing is treating this event at a standard equal to that of an Olympic event, and all I can say is that they are undeniably ready. The City of Beijing has without a doubt already hosted one of the most successful Olympic games and will again set a benchmark with this historical upcoming event. The Chinese Government have given this event a priority status of the utmost importance, and after having inspected all event venues and hotels, IFMA’s General Secretary concluded that Beijing is more than ready to kick off the games.

The event will see a total of 1108 elite athletes from all 13 Martial Arts and Combat Sports, as well as a very important cultural program that will include a cultural village to be constructed in the athletes’ hotel. SportAccord, the city of Beijing and the Chinese Government have given the cultural program the same degree of importance as the competition itself.

The theme of the games will be “The Art of Combat”, “Friendship” and “Determination”.

This is the first event that is to be owned by the IFs and congratulations must go to SportAccord for their fantastic efforts. What started off as a vision in 2006, is now becoming a reality 4 years later, regardless of those who had doubted that the world-recognised martial arts could ever work together with such unity. The success of these games will inevitably increase the popularity of all Martial Arts.

IFMA wil indubitably send only its elite athletes, in line with other martial arts that will be sending their Olympic champions to compete in their competitions.

IFMA will soon call in a commission meeting very soon to finalise its members based on past and present achievements.

Over the next two weeks IFMA will be conducting many important meetings in Bangkok which include:

o The Selection Commission
o Technical Workshop
o Cultural Commission
Here is some brief information from the recent meeting in Beijing….
o Stadium – Muaythai has received the highest honour of holding the tournament in one of the Olympic stadiums inside of the Olympic Rings – The World Olympic Centre. Furthermore, muaythai has been given the afternoon/evening time slot, which is fantastic news as this is prime time for television. Since MUAYTHAI is sharing the venue with AIBA and WUSHU, a solid agreement has been made with AIBA to share use of the AIBA Olympic Boxing rings.

o The following important issues have been finalised and agreed upon:
o Confirmation of competition schedule
o Confirmation of competition equipment
o Confirmation of the exact number of athletes
o Confirmation of competition format
o Confirmation of warm-up area
o Over the next few days we will distribute information on the following:
o Venue timetable and logistical set up plan
o Promotional SportAccord Combat Games VTR
o The 13 IFS have reached an agreement with regards to the costing for coaches, National Federation officials, IFMA Board members etc.
o Information on hotels and rates will be supplied within the next 7 days for distribution.
o The opening ceremony is confirmed and will be held on 28 Aug 2010, at 20.00.
o Doping tests have been set for 10 out-of-competition tests before the event and 15 in-competition tests during the event for IFMA.