March 7th saw the successful Intraclub Muaythai Event organised by the Hellenic Muaythai Federation under the umbrella of IFMA. Athletes from member gyms across the country, from Corfu, Agrino, Corinth and Attica convened in Athens, birth place of the Olympic games for the successful event.

All bouts were run under IFMA rules, with fighters performing the traditional wai khru before the fights, as well as wearing the mandatory amateur equipment.

Among the athletes were those with experience as well as those who were to step in to the ring for the first time, all performing at their best and displaying great athletic spirit and the will to fight, thus gaining the respectful commendations from Master Rungjaras, whom had been invited by the Hellenic Muaythai Federation two months prior to the competition to hold seminars and training sessions which undeniably paid off, looking at the performance of the Greek athletes. “The Greeks have understood the meaning of muaythai and by working hard, they will find their way to winning medals at future international muaythai events” said a proud Master Rungjaras, clearly impressed by the development and improvement of the athletes.

Following the success of the event, the Hellenic Muaythai Federation were pleased to inform its member trainers and athletes of the next event of its kind, to be held on the 25th of April which would give the athletes yet another great opportunity to prepare and an ideal crash test run for the upcoming European Championships which will be held at the end of May in Rome, Italy under the umbrella of the European Muaythai Federation, IFMA’s continental arm.

The best of luck to all athletes and congratulations to the Hellenic Muaythai Federation for their exemplary efforts in continuing the development of muaythai in Greece.