2020 IFMA General Assembly

As per the decision of the IFMA Executive Committee, this year’s 2020 IFMA General Assembly shall be held virtually.

Kindly be reminded of the rules relating to delegates in the applicable IFMA Constitution:

As per Article III of the IFMA Constitution, Member Federations may designate a maximum of three (3) Delegates, but shall be entitled to only one vote at Congress.

Delegates should preferably include the President and the Secretary General/Chief Executive Officer.

Delegates other than the President and the Secretary General/Chief Executive Officer shall present a written authority (Proxy) signed by one of those officers of their Federation not later than at the opening of the General Meeting, which should be sent to the Director or IFMA office at [email protected].

As per Article XIV of the IFMA Constitution, Associations not having paid their current subscriptions as required by Article XIII shall not be permitted to be present at any Congress or other meeting of the IFMA.

The meeting password shall be shared with all eligible National Federations via email.



Start: Saturday, Nov 28, 2020 06:00 PM
Timezone: Asia/Bangkok

This meeting has ended.