The youth of the world will be busy for all the participants of the World Youth Muaythai Championships 2019 as more than 800 athletes signed up for the competition. The week between 29 September and 5 October is set to keep participants involved in the competition and traditionally IFMA will keep they youth of all age categories entertained throughout their stay with many activities, fun events, workshops and much more.

An important day will see the Draw which will take place Sunday, 29 September and will be followed by the opening ceremony. The Vice President of the Turkish Muaythai Federation Mr. Hasan Yildiz reports that all is ready to announce the World Youth Muaythai Championships 2019 open.
Next day Monday 30 September will be a truly working day as athletes will step in the field of play to kick-start the competition across three rings. More than 800 athletes will arrive to the competition hall built at the the 5 star Kervansaray Lara hotel. The ground will shake as young warriors will kick and punch, Thai music echoing around the venue and of course spectators sending endless rounds of cheers for their athletes.

IFMA’s continuous strive to social change will open the day on Thursday, 3 October with the Social Programme – Beach Training and Beach Clean. Last year at the senior World Championships 2019 in Mexico the training gathered so many participants who joined IFMA President Dr. Sakchye for this exciting activity. IFMA President confirmed that he is looking forward to see the youth teams on the beaches of Antalya and have another work out sessions with the future champions.
Next day Friday, 4 October the youth will again feel the full responsibility of being an athlete of the IOC recognised sport with the Youth Conference opening the day with important topics on the agenda and speakers in attendance. Social activity in sport, Anti-doping, Sport for all and much more will be discussed and communicated to the youth of the world.
The bright moments of one of IFMA disciplines Muay Talay Tournament will bring the youth to the pool on Thursday, 3 October, and will again be a time to remember for participants and entourage. The Wai Kru and the Muay Boran will feature the beauty of the art of Muaythai.
The Youth World Muaythai Championships 2019 will truly be a must attend and must watch event and for the participants another event to remember as the experience from being part of the biggest Muaythai competition will blend with beauty of the Turkish sites.