YWC2016_Kids_Wai Kru

Combining sport and culture is the platform of IFMA and the cultural part again played an important part during the IFMA Youth World Championships 2016. The Wai Kru pays respect to the art and sport of Muaythai, our loved ones as much as our opponents and is an important pre-competition ritual in Muaythai. This tradition goes back thousands of years and plays an important part in the Muaythai practitioners life regardless if you do it for competition or just for fun.  
The IFMA Youth World Championships Wai Kru competition falls into two categories, as part of the competition pre fight ritual and just in a Wai Kru contest performing and being judged on all the aspects of Wai Kru. This year’s final was an amazing one as part of the IFMA gala and Her Excellency the Minister for Tourism and Sport had the honour of giving out the medals for these amazing athletes.

The male winner for the stadium competition was Kevin Papst from Germany with the single performance going to Kritsana from Thailand. The runner up, Ramadan Ondash from Lebanon was the youngest one at 9 years of age and took the hearts of so many and will be one of the future champions.
YWC2016_Gala Night-4185
In the female category the winner was Anna Popova from Russia and the single performer was Chochanok Chaikhampyapha winning gold for Thailand. Gaia Amantini from Italy took silver and bronze went to New Zealand’s Aotea Taylor and Poland’s Wanessa Wenslavik.

YWC2016_Kids Wai Kru