Everyone has seen the famous Ong Bak movie, which made Muay Boran world-famous and showed the effectiveness of the unarmed combat from the old battlefieds of Siam.This week the young athletes took these ancient maneuvers and made them their own. Muay Boarn developed in a time when survival was of the essence, combat had to be decided in seconds  – today we live thankfully in a more peaceful world where the beauty of these moves can be appreciated in isolation.

Today Muay Boran lives on with participants with 130 countries through the IFMA federations learning these self-defence techniques.

Every year IFMA organises Muay Boran championships – a team competition where two athletes in self-defence sequences in demonstration showcasing the deadly techniques of the battlefields.

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The Youth World Championships – the team competition was held and it was the Under-14 division where Czech Republic took the first place and in the Over-14 Team The Philippines secured the first place.

IFMA President Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan said he was delighted with the performance showing that muaythai and all its disciplines in many ways are now performed better than in the motherland itself.

He said he is already looking forward to the next championships in Anatalya.

Winners of the Muay Boran and Wai Kru contests were later honoured at the Gala Night

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