Health and safety if athletes is the number one concern in IFMA and nomination of the international technical officials has always been one of the most important tasks for each event held under the IFMA name. 

IFMA is proud to announce the names of the international technical officials which will ensure the fair play and be the third participant in the ring for each bout.


Somchai Sripiew (THA) has been at the origin of IFMA and is truly the highest authority among IFMA referees and judges. His presence and experience would truly add confidence to the entire R&J corps.


Erdogan Aydin (TUR) needs no introduction in IFMA. His positive approach to every situation keeps even the most heated bout under control and his medical background would ensure that athletes’ health is protected on the level of doctor. Mr. Aydin’s encyclopedic knowledge of Muaythai anatomy is truly impressive.

Gunter Plank (AUT) – the Head Referee of the European Muaythai Federation Mr. Plank’s record of officiating in the Muaythai events counts hundreds with most of the top competition on the list.


Anatoliy Kemen (BLR) is the host of the upcoming European Muaythai Championships 2019 in Minsk and will truly set the bar for all the young referees in Antalya.

Jens Wilke (GER) is one of the most invited technical officials for the courses and seminars. His nomination as the Head Referee of the German Muaythai Federation this year became the best confirmation that he is the number one in Germany and the top referee in the world.

Konstantin Zhdanov (RUS) is another representative of the elite of the Russian Muaythai. With the top level of Muaythai in Russia Mr. Zhdanov has to make decisions over extremely close fights both on the national level and internationally. His spot at the jury table is truly undisputed and his experience would be enough to write a book.

Nataliia Kogan (UKR) with her more than 15 years experience in various events around the world is present at every big Muaythai event and truly made name of the top technical official in the world.

Ali Zafar Atefi (AFG) has been behind the boost of the development of Muaythai in Afghanistan. His authority and vision for sports development in Afghanistan shared by the leadership of the Afghanistan Muaythai made Muaythai famous as the catalyst for female empowerment.

Fredrik Johnson (SWE) has been one of the founders of the Swedish Muaythai and is on top of IFMA technical officials list.

Michael Reid (CAN) is truly showing impressive progress pushing the image of the Canadian Muaythai forward. His attention to details keeps every aspect of the bout in the range of vision which will not leave any chance for a  foul or mistake.

Rodolfo Meoni (ITA) is the Italy’s top technical official and recognised by the National Olympic Committee is part of the Italian Olympic family.

Saulius Seskevicius (LIT) is the one when it comes to the heavy duty dealing with the divisions above 86 kg. His enormous experience always cements the Fair Play of each IFMA event.

Bagytzhan Mukhambetaliyev (KAZ) is the representative of the Kazakhstan school of the Muaythai officiating. Kazakhstan has always been on top of the Muaythai hierarchy in Asia and in the top 10 teams in the world which ensures high level of all officials with Mr. Mukhambetaliyev is one of the brightest representatives.

Abby Matthews/Nelson (AUS) is one of the brightest technical officials in IFMA making presence in every major event. Her energy and confidence would always let her keep the bout under control.

Julia Candida Pacheco Antunes (POR) has made her way to the elite of the IFMA referees through a number of events where she demonstrated great commitment and discipline. Ms. Antunes can be an inspiration for so many technical officials as for the hard work and love to Muaythai.

Mykhaylo Mitaki (UKR) is another dinosaur of IFMA who has demonstrated the highest level of officiating in the ring. Mr. Mitaki seems never to age as over the 20 years he would always go in ring with the same energy. Being one of the most experienced technical officials Mr. Mitaki is an invaluable member of the R&J team.

Andrei Grosu (MDA) is another role model for the referees who aspire to be part of IFMA events and receive invitations to the major Muaythai events around the world. With Moldovan Muaythai Federation becoming IFMA member only in 2015 Mr. Grosu makes the list of the IFMA top technical officials.

Ahtamjon Rahmanov (UZB) is one of the longest serving referees in IFMA. His positive attitude towards athletes and professional approach ensured the right decisions in the toughest situations. Mr. Rahmanov is one of the referees to have his spot among IFMA technical officials.

Robertas Siuska (LIT) is the representative of the new generation of IFMA referees showing great level of the officiating in IFMA events. His talent and commitment to keep learning ensures health and safety of IFMA athletes are observed for many years.

With less than a week before the Youth World Muaythai Championships 2019 IFMA is proud to announce that the event will have the highest level of refereeing with the elite officials on the list. The athletes would truly be able to focus on competing leaving the rest to the professionals of the field of refereeing and judging.