Promoting and fostering the art and sport of muaythai is one of the key elements of IFMA. 

The Muaythai Connects campaign started in May and over 30,000 athletes from all 5 continents participated in the qualification and 800 in the finals. 

The final bouts of the following matches gave the world the gold medalists in official divisions:

J 10 Coed Youth

(TPE) Tsung-Hsia Wu

(GRE) Konstantina Stratiotou

With Chinese Taipei winning gold.

J 12 – Wai Kru Coed Youth

(PHI) Clark Fattit

(THA) Krisana Padsawai

With gold medal travelling to Thailand.

J 14 Wai Kru Coed Youth

(TTO) Arianna Ruben

 (PHI) Jasmine Dagame

And this time Philippines got their first gold medalist in the Virtual Muaythai Championships.

J 18 Wai Kru Coed Youth

(PHI) Jonel Mosqueda

(AUT) Lena Brunner

And another Philippine got gold for their country. 

Masters Male Over-41

(TPE) Shih-Hao Wang

(AFG) Abdul Sadiq Ibrahimi

And again the gold went to Chinese Taipei.

Masters Female Over-41

(USA) Pascale Fernandez

 (AFG) Fatema Akbari

And the Asian continent seems to have an upper hand in the Wai Kru competition with Afghanistan winning gold in Masters division.

S Male Elite

(AFG) Ali Jan Ibrahimi

(HKG) Ka Chun Mok

Hong Kong gets its first gold of the tournament

S Female Elite

(PHI) Irendin Lepatan

 (AUT) Rebecca Hödl

And gold medal went to Philippines making them the best team of the tournament.

Wai Kru has been another event concluding at the Virtual Championships following the Aero Fit. Congratulations to all the winners of this historical event.