At IFMA, we take pride in fostering inclusivity, promoting equality, and eliminating discrimination. In the IFMA Family, every individual is respected and valued, forming one united community of diverse abilities.

Guided by the “One World, One Muaythai” principles, IFMA has continuously evaluated and refined its programs to embody the slogan “Unity In Diversity.” This spirit was brilliantly showcased at the 2024 IFMA World Championships in Patras, Greece.

The event featured popular competitions in the cultural divisions of Mai Muay and Wai Kru, as well as the thrilling Combat Divisions. However, it was the Para and Special Disciplines that truly captured hearts, earning widespread respect and recognition. Athletes of varying abilities participated in the Para(S) division, including para-wheelchair, para-amputee, para-visual impairment, and divisions for athletes with autism and Down syndrome, demonstrating remarkable diversity and representation. Ensuring fair competition conditions for everyone was paramount, giving all athletes a chance to shine.

Athletes from around the world came together with a unified message of inclusion, showcasing how these divisions can profoundly impact lives. The competitions and medal ceremonies were broadcast in over 200 countries, highlighting the true spirit of sport.

The all-inclusive disciplines at IFMA extend beyond muaythai, thanks to the dedicated support of teams, trainers, and personnel. These efforts help athletes achieve incredible personal growth, reaching their full potential both on and off the field of play. Such opportunities empower athletes to strive for their best, enhancing their physical abilities and embracing the spirit of sportsmanship.