The United States Muaythai Federation (USMF), under Mr. Anthony Lin and United States Amateur Combat Association (USACA), under Mr. Mick Maynard, are joining forces to being you an exciting showcase of up and coming US muaythai talent!

Legacy Muaythai on Friday June 11th 2010 will not only be an amazing event but will also be used in scouting and selecting top quality athletes to represent USA at the upcoming 2010 IFMA World Championships in Bangkok, Thailand and to create muaythai activities in Texas as part of the overall Olympic movement under the IFMA banner.

Legacy Muaythai will feature up and coming athletes from Texas and California who will contend for a spot to compete at War of the Heroes FC 7 & 8 in Santa Clara, CA and also hopefully earn a spot to represent USA at the 2010 IFMA World Championships in Thailand in honor of the Authority King of Thailand’s Birthday this November 27-December 5, 2010.

For additional information on Legacy Muaythai event, please visit Below is the Legacy Muaythai bout card (subject to change):

145 – Alex Black of Bushi Ban vs. Kirk May of 4oz.

135 – Gerzan Chow of Bushi Ban v. Vincent Serrano of Elite Baytown

135 – Akira Smith of 4oz. v. John Laset of Fairtex Mountain View

155 – Joey Stubler of Kru Pong’s Muay Thai v. Brakke Juul of Bushi Ban

175 – Pete Sprajc v. Alex Morono Barra of Woodlands

155 – Roxanne vs. Yoli Cervantes of Saeksons

155 – Leroy Vasquez of Sub Boxing vs. Wes Arnold of Elite MMA

170 – John Kane of Kru Pong’s Muay Thai vs. Rommel Custodio of Fairtex Mountain View

185 – John Malbrough of Kingwood MMA v. Terrance Ferguson of Westside MMA

185 – Levi West of Tookes v. Jose Pacheco of Bushi Ban

145 – Roxanne of Kru Pong’s Muay Thai v. Allison Kindred of Graci Barra Woodlands

170 – Craig Gardner of Westside MMA v. Peyvand Honorgohar of Saeksons Muay Thai

170 – Nethaneel Mongonia v. Brannen Jones of Submission Boxing

135 – Ricky Purcios of Graci Barra Woodlands vs. Joe Trevino of 4oz.

145 – Ray of Graci Barra Woodlands vs. Borzoo Honorgohar of Saeksons Muay Thai

155 – Ricky Cardona v. Raymond Bell of Gracie Barra Woodlands

155 – Rock Rossio of 4oz. vs. Aaron Croon of Tookes