SportAccord, the international sports federation association, recently organized its annual IF Forum. The event, hosted in Lausanne, Switzerland, witnessed Uğur Erdener, President of the World Archery Federation, being elected unopposed as the new head of the Council of International Sports Federations (IOC).

Erdener, who also serves as a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), will now lead SportAccord, the organisation responsible for coordinating the activities of international sports federations and organisations recognized by the IOC.

He will be fortified by a dynamic team of seven members in the Executive Committee, as ratified during the General Assembly held on the previous Monday. The illustrious team includes representatives from both ASOIF and AIOWF, along with ARISF and AIMS. The detail is as follows:

The International Federation of Muaythai Associations (IFMA) expresses its deep pride and delight over the re-election of its Secretary General, Stephan Fox, to another term on the SportAccord Executive Committee. As a member of SportAccord since 2006, IFMA considers this re-election as a testament to our commitment to promoting Muaythai globally and contributing to the broader sports community. This accomplishment further reinforces our position within the global sporting community and underscores the significance of Muaythai within the sports world. As we continue to emphasise integrity, respect, and fair play, we are confident that Stephan Fox will represent IFMA and the broader Muaythai community well on the SportAccord Executive Committee. We look forward to contributing even more to the sporting world and enhancing the profile of Muaythai internationally.

The re-election of Stephan Fox to the SportAccord Executive Committee also serves as a recognition of IFMA’s efforts in promoting gender equality and inclusion within the sport. Under Fox’s leadership, IFMA has made significant strides in increasing female participation and representation in Muaythai competitions at all levels. This aligns with SportAccord’s mission to promote diversity and inclusivity within the global sporting community. IFMA will continue to work towards these goals, and we are confident that Fox’s re-election will only further solidify our commitment to these values.

During the convention, delegates discussed various fundamental issues affecting international sports. Erdener’s appointment has been seen as a strategic move for the future of international sports, reinforcing the relationship between the IOC and international sports federations.

Among other developments, delegates also received updates regarding the SportAccord Convention, which is expected to take place in Birmingham, United Kingdom next April.