140,000 tickets have already been sold for the different competitions of The World Games 2017. This was announced by Kacper Cecota, Spokesperson of the Wroclaw Organizing Committee at the daily IWGA press conference on Monday.

“We are pretty happy with the level of ticket sales. According to our report, we see the number of 140,000 tickets sold so far. This is almost 70 per cent of the total.” For many sessions that see medals awarded, the Wroclaw organizers achieved a ticket sale percentage of 90 to 95 per cent. According to Kacper Cecota, the local organizers are selling 5000 to 7000 tickets per day.

The first sport which was sold out was Finswimming, which had races on Friday and Saturday. More than two weeks before the opening there were no tickets available any more. Kacper Cecota said:

“I received dramatic calls on my mobile and people asking me: how can I get to the Finswimming competitions? But there was no chance.”

The 26,000 tickets for the Opening Ceremony on Thursday 20 July were completely sold out. For Speedway, the organizers had to enlarge the stands at the Olympic Stadium to bring 1,500 more spectators in. 10,500 spectators will be able to watch the races scheduled for the upcoming Saturday.

Source: https://www.theworldgames.org/news/2017-31/140-000-tickets-sold-1703