Over 2000 participants from all Turkey states participated in the qualification rounds for the 2016 IFMA World Championships. The forty winners will proudly wear the Turkish national uniform when they board their flight from Istanbul to Bangkok next week. Hasan Yildiz, the vice-president of the Turkish Muaythai Association said that grass roots youth development is important for Turkish Muaythai to build for the future and ensure that Turkey will continue to be one of the leading countries in the Muaythai world.
The Turkish Muaythai Federation gives upmost importance to the youth to ensure that sporting and educational activities are well balanced under the motto a healthy mind a healthy body. Mr Hasan Yildiz further quoted that Muaythai has gained an even bigger popularity in Turkey especially as the sport is included in the World Games and in the official FISU World Championship programme, specifically for female development which has been giving great attention to ensure equality as much as in sport as in life and the Turkish Muaythai Federation has won medals at every IFMA event in the female divisions. The Turkish delegation is one of the largest with nearly 80 packs including trainers, referees and team doctor.

Mr Hasan Yildiz stated that the IFMA championships are more than just a sporting event, the fact that IFMA emphasises their 5 pillars and promotes cultural understanding and exchange can only be applauded for in the world which is so much in need for it.