The European Muaythai Championships 2019 will truly be a spectacular events seeing the athletes making their teams.

The competition in many weight divisions could make a fight card of the biggest Muaythai promotions, and spectators at the grand stand and live streaming will be able to see so many top class athletes competing for the medals of the European Muaythai Championships and the qualification for the World Games 2021, Birmingham, USA.


Dzimitry Varatz and Norbert Speth
The 67 kg division became a separate event of the IFMA tournaments. The names on the list could gather a stadium and give a Muaythai show of world class. The viewers of the European Muaythai Championships 2019 will have a unique chance to see them live and enjoy the top Muaythai techniques performed by IFMA champions.
Minsk will become the city where the deciding third bout will take place between Dzimitry Varatz and Norbert Speth who have one victory each in their head to head rivalry. Dzmitry gained advantage in Mexico at the Worlds 2018, and Norbert came back for the next Worlds stronger to equalise the score. Minsk can become the battlefield for the two athletes to conclude the trilogy and hope for the story to be continued.


Alsanbek Zikreev and Kevin Martinez 

The gold and silver medailsts of the 54 kg division of the European Muaythai Championships 2018 Alsanbek Zikreev (RUS)  and Kevin Martinez (ESP) made their teams for Minsk. Europe will see the following episode of the Russo-Spanish Muaythai saga.
Last year Aslanbek stole the victory from Kevin winning 2-1 in the aggregate of three rounds.
Minsk will truly see so many exciting rivalries for the viewers to remember and discuss after the event is finished. Stay tuned and don’t miss a bout.


Jimmy Vienot and Vital Hurkou

The European Muaythai Championships 2018 saw the first appearance of the French Jimmy Vienot who entered the 75 kg division strong and won his gold medal. Winning belts from many prestigious stadiums Jimmy was regarded as a strong opponent to anyone on his way to the gold. Jimmy reached the final of the Prague EC2018 where one of the most awarded IFMA champions Vital Hurkou was waiting for him.
It was one of the highlights of the event as two highly skilled athletes had to gather all their power left after 5 days of the competition. It was Jimmy who could resist attacks of Vital and swing the referees’ decision to his favor. This European Championships may see a rematch not to be missed.


Patricia Axling  and Karolina Klusova 
These two athletes need no introduction in the European and World Muaythai. Patricia Axling is on fire now confidently winning the super 4 in Bangkok. She proved that her early finish at the IFMA World’s was an exception to the rule, and at the event dedicated to the King’s Birthday in Bangkok it was truly only Patricia’s rules in the ring.
Since 3 years Patricia has had only silver medal of the IFMA regional event on her fight record where she lost in a final to no other than Karolina Klusova (CZE). This time it will be a great chance for Patricia to for a rematch and a record in her IFMA fight profile.
Karolina in her turn enters the European Championships as a sliver medalist. It was an undefeated Nili Block who was on Karolona’s way to the gold. This year Karolina avoids this encounter going to the lower division but Patricia is no better opponent.
The draw will be revealed soon and two athletes may have the continuation of their rivalry.


Svetlana Vinnikova  and Mariya Valent 63.5 kg 
These two athletes need no introduction in the world of sport. Svetlana is one of the most decorated IFMA athletes, a gold medal winner of two consecutive European Championships, the winner of the World Games 2017 in Poland making her IWGA Athlette of the Month. Svetlana won the gold in Minsk in 2017 and will definitely want to win another gold this year.
Mariya Valent is a big name in IFMA and a host will go all force towards the highest step of the podium at her home European Championships. At the last year World Championships Mariya won bronze in a semifinal against the winner Nili Block. With Nili changing the division to 60 kg there will be no rematch for Mariya but spectators will definitely see an exciting match between Valent and S.Vinnikova instead.



Anna Rantanen and Angela Mamic
Two Nordic champions will have the second bout with the fewe month in between as both Anna Rantanen  and Angela Mamic are confirmed for the European Muaythai Championships 2019 in Minsk.
Angela is the current European Champion and this time in Minsk she will want to come back after her loss at he World’s in Bangkok.


With so many top class athletes registered from around Europe the European Muaythai Championships will be one of the most watched events of 2019.