The World Games Qualification Rankings

Starting from 2019, all IFMA events will have points assigned for finishing places based on level (World/Continental).

This will encourage athletes to participate in many events in order to accrue points towards their rankings for The World Games 2022 qualification.

The divisions that have been included at TWG2022 are:

Men’s: 57, 63.5, 67, 71, 81, 91 KGs

Women’s: 48, 51, 54, 57, 60, 63.5 KGs

In 2019, only the Arafura Games will see direct gold medal qualification in selected categories* for International competitors, while Oceania participants will see direct qualifying gold medals in selected divisions**.

*Men’s 57kg, 63.5kg, 91kg & Women’s 57kg, 63.5kg

**Men’s 67kg, 75kg & Women’s 60kg

From 2021, IFMA World & Continental events will also see direct qualification for gold medalists as well as points system.
2020 will additionally see a World Cup and Muaythai World Series (which will be assigned points under the “World Cup” level in the points table.


The Qualifications Ranking will close on 31st MARCH 2021.


Table of Points Assignments:

Qualification Event List:


Arafura Games (World Cup Level) // 26 APR – 2 MAY

2019 Senior World Championships (World Championship Level) // 18 – 28 JUL

World Martial Arts Masterships (World Cup Level) // 30 AUG – 3 SEP

2019 European Championships (Continental Championships Level) // 4-10 NOV

2019 Asian Championships (Continental Championships Level)// DEC

2019 South American Championship (IFMA Approved Event Level) // DEC

+ IFMA Approved Events – yet to be confirmed


2020 Senior World Championships (World Championship Level) – *cancelled due to Covid-19

2020 European Championships (Continental Championships Level) – *cancelled due to Covid-19

2020 Asian Championships (Continental Championships Level) – *cancelled due to Covid-19


2021 Senior World Championships (Direct Qualification for Gold & Silver Medals) // DEC

2021 South-American Championships (IFMA Approved Event Level) // OCT

2021 African Championships (IFMA Approved Event Level) // NOV


2022 European Championships (Continental Championships Level – Direct Gold Medal Qualifier) // FEB