EC2016 Croatia HG standing w soldiers

Hansel and Gretel, mascots of the World Games visited the sights in the ancient city of Split in Croatia. They enjoyed a beautiful walk and even met with some Roman soldiers.

Eleven of the athletes competing at the European Championships this week in Split will travel to Poland next summer for The World Games 2017. So Hansel and Gretel were very interested to meet everyone on behalf of the TWG2017 committee!

Like Split, parts of which date back to 245, muaythai is an ancient sport with roots in Asia dating back over one thousand years.

EC2016 Croatia HG sitting w red roofs

The two friends visited the Bell Tower and Cathedral in the centre of the old city. From the top of the Bell Tower they had a beautiful view out over the busy harbour. Hansel said he was a bit tired from all the steps  – he needs to go training in muaythai maybe!

EC2016 Croatia HG with the soldiers standing

And to their great excitement the adventurous pair met with two Ancient Roman soldiers! Hansel and Gretel come from the beautiful city of Wroclaw in Poland  – location for TWG2017 – so they never met people like this before.

The soldiers said they love muaythai and plan to go and see their friends competing in the ring later. Great excitement for everyone.

Hansel and Gretel were also in Rio earlier this year for the RioOlympics 2016. We will catch up with them again later in the week and find out what they think about muaythai!

EC2016 Croatia HG sitting facing camera