February the 6th marks an auspicious day in the muaythai calendar. It is where muaythai practitioners from around the world pay homage to Phra Jao Suua the Tiger King.

It is the day that the WMC and IFMA celebrate the important 5 pillars of muaythai, respect, honour, tradition, excellence and fairplay. This year the WMC and IFMA will organise virtual events to celebrate this special day and also to promote solidarity and unity in the united fight against the pandemic.

IFMA President Doctor Sakchye Tapsuwan stated that muaythai day 2006 for IFMA is a global celebration of humanity and over the last 12 months the WMC and IFMA’s resilience and positive reaction has made us even more united as a family. Ancient muaythai was the art for the battlefields to protect our loved ones, our country and our future. Today’s enemy is Covid 19 and we must battle this pandemic with the same values to protect one another for the future and this is the true spirit of muaythai.