The muaythai women of France ready for action.

Muaythai is the first IOC recognized federation to put on a major event in France just four weeks after Paris was awarded the 2024 Olympic Games.

Starting today the IFMA / EMF European Championships sees Europe’s best athletes coming together in the spirit of sport, fair play and friendship.

The Sports Minister of France, Her Excellency Laura Flessel, writing in the souvenir book for the athletes welcomed all the athletes and officials coming to Paris and said France is proud IFMA has chosen Paris.

Mr Denis Massegella, the distinguished head of the French National Olympic Committee stated Paris and France is proud to have gained the trust of the IOC for hosting the Olympic Games. And he added events like the EMF championships emphasize France also has the trust of the world sports federations.

He thanked IFMA and the French federation (FFKMDA), an IFMA member for choosing Paris.

IFMA President Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan stated the close relationship between Thailand and France which goes back more than 100 years, and he praised the growth of IFMA’s commitment to its members in promoting sport towards positive change.

EMF President and mayor of Odessa Gennaidy Trukanov sent a personal congratulatory message to his colleague the Mayor of Paris, and a special get together is organized including all the IFMA and EMF officials.

Nadir Allouache, FFKMDA president stated France is one of the biggest federations in Europe with 1,200 clubs and 51,000 members fully recognized by the Sports Ministry and the NOC.

He said the French federation is honoured to welcome their sisters and brothers from all parts of Europe to the heart of Europe.

IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox addressed the athletes stating IFMA is proud of the heart and soul of the athletes, practicing Olympic values, Olympic values on a day by day  – they are the living proof that unity in diversity is possible if we respect each other.

The championships start tomorrow with an exciting opening ceremony. Mr Masseglia will open the championships, again showcasing the close relationship between the national federation, IFMA and the Olympic movement.

Results will be live on IFMA LIVE

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