On the second day of the 2023 Senior European Championships and Antalya Open Cup, a wave of excitement enveloped the spectators as 27 bouts in the Championships and 47 in the Antalya Open Cup took place. The day was marked by an unprecedented display of power, skill, and sportsmanship.

In the Championships, under a clear blue sky, each bout was a testament to the athlete’s tenacity and determination.

The Senior European Championships was marked by stunning performances and decisive victories. Ukrainian superstar Oleh Pryimachov made headlines with a spectacular semi-final victory over Greece’s Kyriakos Bakirtzis in the S Male Elite -91kg category. Meanwhile, France’s Abdelrahmane Rezzag showed his prowess by defeating Germany’s Joscha Webe in the S Male Elite -67kg division.

In the S Female Elite -67kg division, it was a bout between two individual neutral athletes, with Anastasiia Nepianidi emerging victorious over Volha Zhurauskaya with a score of 30-25. The S Male Elite -63.5kg saw an emotional victory for László István Kurdy of Hungary over Ukraine’s Valerii Denysov. Kurdy, who had delivered the Athletes’ Oath at the opening ceremony, proved his mettle on the field.

In the S Female Elite -51kg, Roksana Dargiel from Poland clinched a stunning win with a score of 30-26 over Italy’s Ester Viola, mesmerizing the spectators over three thrilling rounds. The competition is heating up, and the anticipation for the next day’s events is palpable.

Meanwhile, at the Antalya Open Cup, the atmosphere was palpable with 47 bouts taking place, as the spotlight shifted to the talented Turkish youth, who showcased their prowess and dominated the win ratio. The Youth 16-17 -75KG division saw an intense match between Portugal’s Jose Afonso Freitas and Mahmut Barış Gökyer from Turkey, with Freitas emerging victorious in the end. Meanwhile, the J 16-17 Male Youth -57kg division had spectators on their feet as Poland’s Antoni Wieczkowsk triumphed over Turkey’s Umut Korkmaz. The J 16-17 Female Youth -48kg division offered a breathtaking contest, with özlem Melek Korkmaz from Turkiye securing a devastating 10-9 Compulsory Count Limit win against Individual Neutral Athlete Viktoriia Rusinova. The vigor and sportsmanship displayed by these young athletes promise a bright future for the sporting world.

Apart from the heart-stopping bouts, the event also featured an enriching cultural exchange. The Thai Cultural Demonstration team, led by the respected Kru Din, provided a special Wai Kru workshop for athletes who were not competing in that day’s matches. This workshop served as a reminder that the International Federation of Muaythai Associations (IFMA) is not just about excelling in combat. The IFMA is also a custodian of the rich cultural heritage embedded in the sport. The Wai Kru ritual, an essential part of Muaythai, is a mark of respect towards the teacher and the sport itself. The athletes’ participation in the workshop underscored the importance of upholding and respecting these cultural aspects while pursuing excellence in their athletic performance.

The day concluded with champions celebrating, the fallen regrouping, and spectators reminiscing over the day’s exhilarating matches. The air of anticipation for the next day’s events was alive, a promise of more unforgettable moments in the annals of the 2023 Senior European Championships and Antalya Open Cup.