2010 King’s Cup will be the biggest in the history of muaythai.

In 2009 history was made as for the first time the cup left Thailand when Cosmo Alexander took the King’s trophy to Brazil.

This year Thailand will send their number one fighter, Yodsaenklai “The Hero”. He is not a superstar but rather a megastar in muaythai, winner of Contender Asia and WMC World Champion. The expectation of an entire country rest on his shoulders.

Yodsaenklai stated that this will be the biggest challenge in his career. The fights will have over 300.000 spectators, other than being televised live to the United States, cctv, Espn, Fox Sport, Eurosport and on Thai tv.

Yodsaenklai also said that he knows that muaythai is a truly international sport and that many countries nowadays have equal fighters to the Thais, but this will be more than a cup, the pride of Thailand is on the line and he will be there to defend it.