An excited audience in Iserlohn, Germany saw 3 of Thailand’s best fighters travel across the world to take on Germany’s best for Team Trophy on February 25th. The venue was sold out to the last seat with many turned away at the door.

This event received huge media coverage as it is rare for a Thai team of this calibre to compete in Germany.

After the opening ceremony which was attended by VIPs from the private and political sector it was time for Germany to face the Motherland of Muaythai.

First up was Tilo Schneider from Wiesbaden against Thai superstar Therapong who has beaten many international fighters. The Thai fighter, known for his hard low kicks, went to work from round one with the German boxer fighting back bravely. Tilo took a count in the 4th under a barrage of MuayThai techniques and finished the fight to a standing ovation from the crowd, Therapong taking a clear points victory.

The second fight was another great match Slatan , Thailand revered as an elbow technican in England , Australia and Russia taking on Alex Schmitt from Heidelber. This fight can only be described as a war! Alex Schmitt to the delight of the fanatic crowd fought the fight of his life showing that Germany can go toe to toe with the best and took a point’s decision which really brought the crowd to their feet.

The third and final fight would now be the decider for the Trophy. Pidsanu , one of Thailand’s most lethal grapplers taking on Dirk Brosowski from Rommerskirchen. Both fighters surely felt the pressure to take this one and win the Trophy for their team. Pidansu was deep in concentration during his Wai Khru – a sign of things to come. Both boys stood toe to toe for 3 rounds – in round 4 the Thai started to unleash his trademark knees winding Borowski – he could not recover before the count of ten and Thailand won the trophy!

The undercard sanctioned by IFMA showcased some great talent and showed the development of Muaythai in Germany.

A special thank you must go to the promoter of the evening Joe Meiklem and the MTBD the representative of the WMC and IFMA in Germany for a world class event.