March 16th to 23rd 2015 will be another historical moment for Muaythai and Thailand as it will mark the first Muaythai University World Cup under patronage of The Fédération internationale du sport universitaire (FISU, English: International University Sports Federation).

Sport of any kind has the power to unite and bring race and culture together from all corners of the world. Blending sport and culture with education is the platform for the Olympic movement. The FISU Universaide, a major international multisport event, has become an important event in the sporting calendar. The Muaythai University World Cup, under patronage of FISU, will be jointly organized by the University Sports Board of Thailand, the Royal Thai Government (Department of Physical Education), and the Amateur Muaythai Authority of Thailand (under Royal Patronage), under the sanctioning of the world governing body for the sport of amateur Muaythai, the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur. It will not only be just a sporting event, but there will be conferences and many other activities held during this major event.


Under FISU Patronage