Once again, the fabulous Thailand Grand Festival was held in the capital of the Northern territories at the Civic Park. The eighth edition showcased the ever-growing popularity as it gets better and bigger every year. The festival showcased all aspects of Thai Culture and the scent of Thai cuisine filled the air with cultural events, educational workshops, fruit carving, Thai massage and certainly the national sport of Thailand which has become a world-recognised Olympic sport and martial art and was centre stage for the entire festival.

The Royal Thai Embassy and the NT Thai Association applauded each and every one that contributed and certainly the muaythai family of Muaythai Australia, IFMA and the NT State Federation. The NT State President Corey Implemans stated that for the eighth-year muaythai is an important part of the festival but for Darwin in general especially as muaythai was one of the most outstanding sports at the Arufura Games in Darwin.