Thai Muaythai and boxing superstars are united in their support of the application by IFMA towards gaining recognition for Muaythai from the IOC, a campaign which is fully supported by the National Olympic Committee of Thailand and the Thai Government.

The official launch of the campaign was a wonderful success, to which HM King donated a trophy. The Prime Minister of Thailand donated the Female Cup, and the official Muaythai anthem was introduced.

Superstars like Olympic gold medal winner Somluck, the winner of the reality show “Contender Asia,” Yodsanklai, the winner of the Emmy-nominated television show “The Challenger Muaythai,” Madsua, and so many others were in attendance.

Somluck, who made Thailand proud by winning the first ever Olympic gold medal in boxing, comes from a Muaythai background. He said that he is proud Muaythai has become so internationally recognised.

Yodsanklai and Mardsua have stated that it has become more difficult in recent years for Thailand to win medals, and both of them had the experience of losing during the 2010 edition of the World Combat Games in Beijing, under patronage of IOC.

Buakaw, still the biggest name in Muaythai at present, says that it is important for everyone to make a good transition to professional. The fact that over one hundred countries participate in the amateur World Championship shows how quick the sport is growing.

Thailand is united behind the campaign, and movie stars, and many celebrities have joined.