Some of Team USA 2018

The American muaythai federation is set to bring their biggest senior team to this year’s world championships, with 30 athletes already signed up.

The United States Muaythai Federation (USMF) has been working hard under president Michael Corley to develop the sport in recent years. And with this tournament being held for the first time in the Pan-American region – in Cancun, Mexico – there is even more incentive for the athletes to qualify.

Mr Corley said: “It’s great, it’s showing the growth of Muaythai in not just in USA but the world! Its also great that our athletes won’t have to travel and acclimate to time differences with the IFMA WC being in Pan America.”

At last year’s tournament the Americans made a great showing, medalling in both male and female events including silver for Erin Jimenez in the women’s division.

Mr Corley said: “Its great for the newcomers to hear first hand from returning medal athletes how IFMA tournaments work and how to be successful. It also helps to have some additional leaders with a team so big.”

Following a successful outing at the Pan-American Championships at the end of last year, all eyes are on America now to see just how far they can go.

The team includes Janet Todd who medalled at The World Games 2017 and her team-mate Troy Jone Jnr, as well as Luis Rodrigo Morales, the medal winner at the Pan-Americans, and Erin Jimenez among other elite-level athletes.

“The USA has the talent, our athletes just needed the chance.  Since I have taken office it has been my goal to unite the USA Muaythai community and create enthusiasm for representing on the USA Team. Taking a team this large is going to be a challenge but we have a great team at USMF,” Mr Corley said.

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