Eight days and nearly 1,000 bouts have come to an end with 102 participating countries, the IFMA World Championships 2019, the biggest in the history of IFMA.

The last competition days were heated between the 3 leading teams, the home country Thailand, Russia and Ukraine. The atmosphere in the stadium was electrifying especially if Russia would win as this would be the first time the trophy would move outside of Thailand. After the closing bouts it was team Russia which came out victorious winning the overall elite division with team Thailand coming second.

IFMA director Charissa Tynan stated that this clearly shows that muaythai has become an international martial art and combat sport for a team to beat the Thais in their back yard. There were also many quarter and semi final bouts in which Sweden, France and the USA beat the Thai superstars.

Congratulations must go to team Russia on this historical occasion.