Mongkon Academy, the official education and training center under the WMC, IFMA, UTS and under the support of Right to Play had a wonderful visit from Right to Play’s refugee team from Mae Sot.

The team of 7 youth under 16 were true superstars as they participated in a muaythai class lead by IFMA’s General Secretary, Stephan Fox, and IFMA Athletes’ Commission Chair, Janice Lyn, only a few hours after participating in the Bangkok Urban Youth Tournament at the Sport is Your Gang Sports Facility, Laan Muay Kru Suar this past Sunday. The team unfortunately did not win their two Futsal games but their spirits were certainly high and happy as they enthusiastically empowered their 8 limbs to kick, punch, elbow and knee the pads and bags.

“Do Good Feel Good” is they academy’s motto and this spirit and energy was certainly felt as the Mongkon Academy trainers, Kru Nha Suan and Kru J, two fighters from Canada, Damion Brown and Eric Wu, and Mongkon Academy’s very own youth, Keto and Leo (who also came to watch and support all the athletes at the BUYT), helped to make the Mae Sot athletes’ muaythai experience a very special one. The Mae Sot youth had a chance to visit the UTS Education Center where youth of various social backgrounds and different abilities take part in educational programs. They wrote thoughtful messages and wishes on the Tree of Hope and the IFMA General Secretary thanked them for visiting Mongkon Academy with some welcome bags to take home with them.

The Power of Sport and the importance of the combined “teamwork” of Right to Play, IFMA, UTS and WMC was truly highlighted on Sunday as the refugee children were able to step out of their camp for the weekend to safely participate in the BUYT multi-sport event, meet and make new friends from various social backgrounds at the tournament and at Mongkon Academy and also partake in some sightseeing for the first time in the city of Bangkok.

The Mae Sot Refugee team will advance to the Hope Cup on July 7th and possibly the finals on July 28th during the IFMA World Championships in celebration of His Majesty, the King’s Birthday.
Come to cheer all of the these beautifully spirited and energetic youth participating at Laan Muay Kru Suar for the Hope Cup and the finals!