#MuaythaiConnects2.0 welcomes you back to Austria

Welcome back to Austria! Austria is known more for than just our Alps and exhilarating hiking. It is also known as the capital of classical music and has beautiful castles, cathedrals and palaces. Today we visit the nakmuay ying of Austria, 15 yo Kinsco Olah and 32 yo Rebecca Hodl, who both embrace the traditions […]

#MuaythaiConnects Wai Kru and Shadow Box with the Youth of Slovenia

Hello from Slovenia! Slovenia proudly gained their independence in 1991 and is surrounded by water and mountains. It has both summer and winter sports. We are proud of our capital, Ljubljana where the present and the past like muaythai become one. The National Muaythai Federation of Slovenia is a proud member of IFMA under the […]

#MuaythaiConnects Wai Kru Performance from the Youth of Turkey

Merhaba from Turkey! Turkey is a country with a proud history with borders between Asia and Europe. Turkey is with no doubt, one of the strongest muaythai countries in the world. Turkey has hosted so many amazing events. One of the most outstanding was the Youth World Championships, held in Antalya, Turkey where it was […]

#MuaythaiConnects with the Youth of Belgium

Belgium is perhaps a very small country in the heart of Europe but it is very big in the sport of muaythai. Belgium Muaythai is fully recognized by the Belgian Ministry of Sport. Belgium has participated in every IFMA World Championship since 1998 and has produced world class fighters – male and female. Through the […]

#MuaythaiConnects2.0 Inspirational Message and Pad Work from India

UMAI has come a long way and is continuing to build the federation and athletes from the grassroots. Late last year, India hosted the largest ever online Khan seminar, shattering records with over 130 participants. The work is certainly coming into fruition with their athletes’ submission for the #MuaythaiConnects challenge. Today, we hear an inspirational […]

#MuaythaiConnects2.0 Wai Kru from the South African Savanna

Welcome to South Africa! Greetings from the South African sun. Our hearts beat Muaythai! Grassroots development has always been of precedence amongst the South African Muaythai Federation, which is one of IFMA’s oldest members. One of the SAMF’s most successful campaigns has been the Muaythai Against Drugs Campaign which was officially adopted in 2007. The […]

#MuaythaiConnects Wai Kru from Mexico

“Knowledge will give you power, but character respect.” Bruce Lee Today we travel back to Mexico where Yhue Sanchez performs a beautiful Wai Kru from her beautiful hometown. The Wai Kru is a part of the ancient traditions of Muaythai and respect is therefore tightly interwoven into our sport and must be shown at all […]

#MuaythaiConnects2.0 Wai Kru from the Youth of Mexico

Hola from Mexico! We are proud Mexicans, a sport loving country in which Muaythai is one of the fastest growing sports. Inclusion, equality are not just words for Mexican Muaythai. We are proud of our President, Elisa Salinas, who is also the IFMA Vice President and Pan American President. Mexico made history by hosting the […]