Youth Development Leagues showing the way for American Muaythai

Up to 300 very young muaythai athletes have taken part this year in Youth Development Leagues across America as part of a grassroots drive to improve standards. The League is promoted by the United States Muaythai Federation, which recently submitted an application to the National Olympic Committee of America for recognition.

IFMA team and national teams arrive in Minsk!

Athletes are arriving in Minsk this week but the Belarus local committee and IFMA officials have been working together closely for one month already on the ground. The first to arrive were the Technical team led by Technical Director Dimity Putilin along with Sergey Kyimov and European Sport Director Gleb Kalita. The team was bolstered […]

Muaythai Weekend Fever

This weekend will be another international extravaganza for Muaythai. Copenhagen will host the Danish Championship, and Canada will see the final of the Journey Series, a sold-out event in Calgary. Paris, France will see a big international event with WMC World Champion Yodsanklai taking on French superstar Lidon.

Press Conference: Launch of the WMC World Muaythai Stand Off, USA

15th June 2011 saw an exciting press conference in Bangkok’s Royal Thai Army Club to announce the kick-off of the WMC World Muaythai Stand Off which will mark the inauguration of the new “WMC Stadium” located in Pomona, California, USA. At the helm of the project, Dr. Joe Vivo and Pongsan Ekyothin of Push Kick […]

USA Super show

Califormia will stage a fantastic Muaythai event with a world class card. The exciting event will be televised around the world and will see a WMC World Title fight between two Thailand Champions, squaring off for an exciting bout which will be a great promotion for muaythai. Numpun vs Lon Easan. The WMC female challenge […]