Peace and Sport with Muaythai

Peace and Sport, or “L’Organisation pour la Paix par le Sport,” an initiative that pursues sustainable peace through sport, celebrated 5 years of cooperation with Muaythai, via WMC and IFMA, showing that sport can make a difference in the world.

The Spirit of Muaythai Has No Borders: We Are One

Over 100 countries participated this year at the 2014 Muaythai World Championship in Langkawi Malaysia. With the host country acting as a melting pot for so many countries competing in a contact sport, one would think that tensions would be quite high. The truth was, the atmosphere was far from tense.

Peace and Sport

Sport of any kind has the power to unite and bring together cultures and people, regardless of race or ethnicity. The foundations of muaythai, as one of the oldest martial arts and sports in the world, are honour, respect, tradition, fair play and excellence. These pillars have proven to be a solid platform for cultural […]

IFMA Visits the Sporting Family

As is its annual tradition during the SportAccord Convention, IFMA visited all its sporting friends and organisations. Special photos were taken with WADA, FISU, Peace and Sport,