Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan re-elected as IFMA President

IFMA President Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan is elected for another term by the vote of 96 national federation that took part in the IFMA 24th Annual General Meeting. Dr Sakchye thanked all the delegates from the 5 continents for giving him their trust for another term, stating that as a Thai he is truly proud that […]


25 April 2014, BANGKOK –UN Women and the world governing bodies of the sport of muaythai have launched a new partnership to prevent violence against women, one of the most pervasive violations of human rights worldwide. The collaboration will focus on engaging and building skills of young people, athletes and trainers within the sport to challenge harmful masculinities and […]

Muaythai Included in The World Games 2017

Just last year, IFMA became a proud member of the International World Games Association at the annual General Assembly of IWGA in St.Petersburg at the SportAccord Convention 2013. History was made yet again at this year’s AGM when muaythai was included into the Official Sports Program amongst 29 other sports participating in 2017 World Games […]

Ajarn Paiboon and Ajarn Radom receives the Golden Mongkol

Ajarn Paiboon and Ajarn Radom needs no introduction to the Muaythai community. Ajarn Radom, the former chairman of the technical commission at the famous Lumpinee Boxing Stadium as well as chairman of the WMC technical board and Ajarn Paiboon, chairman of the IFMA technical commission and the technical delegate for the last World Combat Games […]

IFMA President Opens the Cultural Exhibition for Muaythai

Dr. Sakchye Tapsuan, IFMA President, together with the Muaythai Ambassador, Somluck Khamsing opened the Cultural Exhibition at the Yulbeiny Stadium, where the SportAccord Combat Games Muaythai, Boxing and Kickboxing competitions are being held.

Opening Night: The Silk Road Cup

What a night. Nearly a year in the planning, the voyage has finally begun. The opening of the Silk Road Cup marks the debut of what will be an unbelievable journey, travelling back into history over the next 12 months. The famous Silk Road, which once stretched from China to India, through Southeast Asia, Persia, […]

Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan Re-elected as IFMA President

Dr. Tapsuwan, President of the AMTAT under Royal Patronage and IFMA has been re-elected for a 3rd term in the office of IFMA President. The Grand ballroom of the Radisson SAS hotel in Tahskent was the venue for the 2011 IFMA General Assembly, at which the IFMA board was re-elected. Stephan Fox was re-elected as […]