Day One 2017 IFMA World Championships

  First bouts took place today in Minsk as the IFMA World Championships kicked off in the packed Sports Palace. Bouts started just after three in the afternoon and continued until late in the evening across two rings. The stadium was packed with supporters of the Belarus national team and also various members of expat […]

Opening Ceremony of IFMA World Championships 2017

The Minsk Sport Palace will be the centre of the muaythai world for the next ten days, as IFMA celebrates the first world championships held since IFMA became an IOC-recognised sports federation. The stadium was packed with athletes representing over 70 countries and muaythai fans from the capital of Belarus.

IFMA World Championships 2017 Press Conference

The famous Minsk Concert-Hall was the venue for the press conference for the Ministry for Tourism and Sport, the Belarus Muaythai Federation and IFMA. Chairman of the Belarus Muaythai Federation General Yury Kazaev opened the conference expressing his pride that IFMA have given trust to Belarus in hosting this historic championships as for the first […]

Hansel and Gretel from The World Games arrive in Minsk!

The World Games 2017 mascots have travelled the world promoting the Games, and today they landed in Belarus to mark IFMA’s world championships. This is the final chance for IFMA athletes to grab one of the remaining 11 slots for the Games in Wroclaw. Gretel said: ‘We’re planning on watching every one of the 10 […]

2013 Sport Accord World Combat Games – Day 1 – Quarter Finals

Yubileyniy Sport Complex was perfectly set up with two rings, spectacular backdrops, all complemented by ethnic musicians from Thailand throughout 44 bouts. A total of 39 countries from 5 continents qualified through the World Championships, the Continental Championships, the Asian Indoor Games and other events to be part of the SportAccord World Combat Games in […]

FINAL DAY: Who Will Be the Champion?

Today is the final day of the IFMA World Championships 2012. The question is, who will win the overall championship? Will it be Thailand? Will it be the home country, Russia, with the whole nation behind them? Will it be Ukraine? Or will it be Belarus? These are the four countries on top of the […]