Patricia Axling (Odenplan Fightgym IF) – Evelina Wikner (Fighter Muay Thai Förening) before the final bout of the Swedish Championships 2018 Photo Credit: B.Bayard

It was a great show in the beautiful metropolis of Lomma. A three-day tournament with more than 100 athletes challenging current Swedish champions for the right to represent Sweden at the World Championships 2018 in Cancun, Mexico. 

The final bouts came down to Sweden’s best athletes with Swedish stars getting to test their competitors.

Sofia Olofsson stepped in the ring against Anna Hoglund, and Anna showed amazing power of will and sporting spirit but it was Sofia who used her experience and skills to outperform Anna and again become number one in the 54 Kg women division by RSC.

54 kg Women: Sofia Olofsson (Odenplan Fightgym IF) announced the winner after the final bout against Anna Höglund (Slagskeppet Muay Thai) Photo credit: B.Bayard

In the 71 Kg male division, Adel Ekwall and Abdallah Habib displayed fireworks in the ring in a super intense bout. Both athletes gave it all for the victory and it was Adel who won the bout by RSC after displaying amazing combinations.

The crowd was looking forward to seeing the king of Swedish Muaythai Hamza Bougamza who has reigned the 60 Kg male division for the last 6 years. This time Hamza had a worthy opponent Filiph Waldt who won the silver medal at the last World Championships. It was the most exciting bout of the night with all 8 weapons used to the fullest. The crowd was outperforming the pi muay music supporting both athletes. After the first round, Filiph increased the pressure on Hamza winning points for using his knee style. The bout finished with spectacular kicks, jumping knees, and a hurricane of elbows, and it was Filip Waldt who was announced the winner driving the crowd to the top of their emotions.

Photo credit: B.Bayard

Another anticipated bout took place in the 57 Kg women, a division where current World Champion Patricia Axling was to test the skills of Evelina Wikner who was the silver medalist of the Royal World Cup 2015 and has been hunting for her chance to make the team again. Patrica was well aware of how dangerous Evelina can be and used all her skills to secure the victory in a very close fight and move closer to the World Championships in Cancun.

Angela Mamic had only one plan in her head in a bout against Pernilla Palm in the 71 kg women division, and again Angela made the Swedish team for Mexico beating Pernilla in an amazing and very close bout. Angela is now going to Mexico with full determination to win gold.

Angela Mamic, Öresund Muay Thai Camp IF – Pernilla Palm, Real Fighter Sällskap Photo credit: B.Bayard

The Swedish National Team will be announced within two weeks and the strongest athletes will travel to Cancun for the biggest Muaythai event in the world – World Championships!
All results of the Swedish Muaythai Championships

45 Kg Women – Camilla Danielsson (Odenplan Fightgym idrottsförening) – Annemai Palacios, (El Condor Muay Thai IF) Winner: Camilla Danielsson
-48 Kg Women – Sandra Godvik (Djurgårdens IF Kampsportsförening) – Sofia Holmer (Odenplan Fightgym IF) Winner: Sandra Godvik
–51 Kg Women – Tove Brodin (Fighter Muay Thai Förening) – Josefin Knutsson (Allstars Kampsportsförening) Winner: Josefin Knutsson
-54 Kg Women – Sofia Olofsson (Odenplan Fightgym IF) – Anna Höglund (Slagskeppet Muay Thai) Winner: Sofia Olofsson
-57 Kg Women – Patricia Axling (Odenplan Fightgym IF) – Evelina Wikner (Fighter Muay Thai Förening) Winner: Patricia Axling
-60 Kg Women – Isa Tidblad Keskikangas, (TIP Muay Thai IF) – Ewin Ates (Öresunds Muay Thai Camp IF) Winner: Isa Tidblad Keskikangas
-63,5 Kg Women – Erica Björnestrand, (Öresunds Muay Thai Camp IF) – Mette Andersson (Varbergs Thaiboxningsklubb) Winner: Erica Björnestrand
-67 Kg Women – Sara Matsson. 5-star Muay Thai IF – Mikaela Persson, Göteborgs Muay Thai IF Winner: Sara Matsson
-71 Kg Women – Angela Mamic, Öresund Muay Thai Camp IF – Pernilla Palm, Real Fighter Sällskap Winner: Angela Mamic
-57 Kg Men – Johan Nörgaard, South Side Muay Thai IF – Jonathan Åman, Tullinge Muay Thai Winner: Jonathan Åman
-60 Kg Men – Hamza Bougamza, Allstars Kampsportsförening – Filip Waldt, Göteborgs Muay Thai IF Winner: Filip Waldt
-63,5 Kg Men – Mathias Jonsson, Tullinge Muay Thai Thaiboxningsförening – Peter Rispling, South Side Muay Thai IF Winner: Mathias Jonsson
-67 Kg Men – Kenny Hong, Anderstorps Kick och Thaiboxningsklubb – Nils Olsson, Arvika Boxing Camp IF Winner: Nils Olsson
-71 Kg Men – Adel Ekvall, Halmstad Muay Thai IF – Andalla Habib, Allstars Kampsportsförening Winner: Adel Ekvall
-75 Kg Men – Marcus Sundin Liljedorff. Halmstad Muay Thai IF – Otman Boujrad, Fighter Muay Thai Förening Winner: Marcus Sundin Liljedorff
-81 Kg Men – Johan Andersson, Öresund Muay Thai Camp IF – Constantino Nangas, Allstars Kampsportsförening Winner: Constantino Nangas
-86 Kg Men – Andreas Gardasevic, Halmstad Muay Thai – Isak Tens, Allstars Kampsportsförening Winner: Andreas Gardasevic