Chommannee and Superbon will lead the Thai team at the World Muauthai Championships
It has been one of the most anticipated fight lists to be announced and last weekend the headquareters of the Muaythai Federation of Thailand announced the athletes to compete for the medals of their home World Championships.
Yadrung Tehiran and Suppachai Muensang who are better know as Chommannee and Superbon will lead the team and be at the forefront of the Thai team for medals. Both fighters made their names in various tournaments with Superbon fighting the elite of the modern muaythai and Chommanee winning one of the most prestigious women’s events Muaythai Angels.
Thai team can definitely count to be on the top of the medal ranking of the World Championships with such athletes joining like Suphisara Konlak who is the current World Champion after her bright appearance in 48 kg in Mexico. Myriame Djedidi will be the one to strive for the rematch of the Mexican final after a very close fight resulting in the victory for Thailand.

Wiwat Khamtha is another gold medalist of the World Championships 2018 as well as many other international competition. He is an eternal rival to the Almaz Sarsembekov (KAZ) and this time in Bangkok Almaz will have another chance for a rematch.

Arnon Phonkrathok (Gold WC2018) adds to the Kazakh – Thai rivalry as he stole victory from Yelaman Sayassatov (KAZ) in Mexico in the final bout.

Thai team is truly going all weapon to their home World Championships which will be special for so many reasons. The highlight of the event will be the honouring of the birthday of His Majesty the Kind who is the patron of muaythai all over the world.