The Sri Lankan Muaythai Federation joined the IFMA members which already finalised the lists for the IFMA World Virtual Championships 2020 and will soon announce the official representation of their team for the first ever online event under the IFMA flag. 

With 83 athletes making the final of the Sri Lankan qualifier it was a tough rivalry of muaythai practitioners from all over the country. For the first time so many youth could become part of the national muaythai event and have a chance to be featured world wide at the live tournament. 

With the official patronage by the International Olympic Committee the youth from the entire world who can share the stage with the Olympic sports at the UTS Sports Festival. 

Sri Lanka can be proud to take its place among more than 100 countries confirming their participation so far, and will wait for the official draw to see their virtual rivals for very real medals of the IFMA World Virtual Championships 2020.