The Denmark SportAccord Convention 2017 was hailed a great success by all delegates. The last day saw the General Assembly with important decisions on the agenda, shaping the future of SportAccord.

The changes in statutes put forward by SportAccord President Patrick Baumann will have a significant beneficial impact. The General Assembly unanimously approved the name change from SportAccord back to the old acronym of GAISF, but now standing for Global Association of International Sport Federations, the organization was founded as GAISF, 50 years ago. It will give a clearer, more logical and focused identity and it will also distinguish it from SportAccord Convention and any other future commercial activities, services and games organized under SportAccord.

Along with the name change, was approved the Observer Status for international federations that want to join SportAccord/ GAISF; and the Rotating Presidency starting 2020, in combination with a two year term limit. This means it will now alternate between the Olympic and non-Olympic umbrella federations. The new slogan is “ One Voice For All Sport” and what has been achieved is the direction of the organization for many years to come.